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ServoScribe Help

Download and Installation:

Servo Scriber can be easily downloaded form the following sites:

(XP users may find it best to download the XP compiled version to avoid some occasionally cumbersome updates from Microsoft.)

Free 4 Channel      Servo Scriber Software (FREE 4 Channel Release)     

12 Channel     

24 Channel     


Installation is accomplished by simply clicking on the setup file within the compressed directory. Depending on how recent you updates are, the software may ask for a update from Microsoft.

Please note: anti-virus software such as Avast does not recognize the software and may at first try to block its installation. Simply check allow and or install normally option and restart the setup file.


First Time Maestro users

First time Maestro users will need to visit Pololu to download the needed drivers for the controller. You can find that link here:

Pololu help and dirvers.

Next you will need to configure and set up your board for the default com port settings. This is done by simply starting theMaestroControlCenterfound within the Pololu directory with in the start menu. Opening the application with your drivers installed and your board plugged in will be sufficient to set the defaults. This is also a great way to check your servos and battery connections. If your system does not work here, it won’t work with Servo Scribe.


Running the software

With the Pololu drivers installed and your Maestro Controller connected start or restart the Servo Scriber software. You should now see a device ID number in the text box on the upper left side of the window. That is the unique address of your Maestro device.


Uploading audio:

At the moment, Servo Scriber can only import WAV files. Simply click on “Audio” from the tool bar and select a wave file to import. You should now see your wave file graphically presented in the large top frame.


Scribing your first servo action:

Make sure Servo0 is selected. All synchronization is aligned and calibrated against Servo0. If you do not use Servo0 the rest of the servos will not work!

Place your mouse over the large blue box on the right within the main window. When you cleft click your left mouse button, the audio will start and your servo positions will be recorded. To stop recording, left click your mouse again. It is possible and in fact very handy to record two servos at once. Simply check the two servos you wish to record and proceed as if it were just one. You can select which axis is operating which servo. The two selected servos must be next to each other. So, you can record servos 2 and 3, but not servos 2 and 5.


Viewing, playing and deleting a single servo channel:

After you have recorded a servo channel you can view the servo patterns by clicking on the “View” button. If you wish to re-record the channel, you must first clear the channel. If you do not clear the channel, the new recordings will be added to the existing recording.


Saving the file:

Simply click “File” and select “Save” to save or write over and existing ssc file.

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