Introduction to BBC Microbit Integrated Programmable Microcontrollers (MCUs)

This class includes an introduction to the BBC Microbit hardware, Makecode programming language software and exploration of the integrated sensors and inputs, integrated display and control of external devices.  All materials, including programming cables battery pack and batteries, are supplied.

The BBC Microbit is a versatile, inexpensive, programmable Microcontroller that includes fully integrated sensors, display and power options including: the following physical features:

  • 25 individually-programmable LEDs
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • Physical connection pins
  • Light and temperature sensors
  • Motion sensors (accelerometer and compass)
  • Wireless Communication, via Radio and Bluetooth
  • USB interface

Best of all, Microbit can be programmed in BlockCode languages, including Scratch and Makecode, from a smart phone, tablet or laptop but also JavaScript, Python and Arduino IDE.

Micro:bit MCU

back of BBC micro:bitfront of BBC micro:bit

Makecode Software

Image result for makecode screen shot