Illuminating Art with Arduino Love to Code - (LTC)

Location:  FUBAR Labs, New Brunswick

Programming the Chibitronics LTC Chip

  • First, create an artwork on paper that you would like to illuminate with LED light.
  • Next, on a separate layer, create a circuit on paper using adhesive-backed copper foil, surface mount LEDs and Addressable LEDs.
  • Now, clip the LTC board on the circuit layer and connect a micro USB to a laptop to provide power and programming connection
  • Modify the code in Arduino and upload to the LTC device
  • Provide external power to illuminate your work

Love to Code board hardware specifications:

  • MCU – NXP Kinetis KL02 ARM Cortex M0+ @ 48 MHz with 32KB flash, 4KB RAM
  • USB – 1x micro USB port used to power and program the board over a Y cable with micro USB and an audio jack to be connected to your smartphone)
  • Expansion – 4x through holes for TXT, +5V, GND, and RGB, 6x programmable ports on clip to drive LED stickers, or used as switch / sensor inputs.
  • Misc – Programming button, RGB LED

On-Line Tutorial at

Participants must be 18 years of age or older or be accompanied by an adult for the entire program - no drop-offs.

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