How to Talk to a Robot

Introduction to Programming Robots

This is a Two (2) hour program based on the concept of “Computational Thinking”, (Jeanette Wing), and Problem-based learning from the programming language, “Easy Logo” by Seymour Papert that uses a stimulating class challenges to guide participants through incremental steps including “Hello Robot!”, Robot motion and calibration, and “Dance!” to successfully program an autonomous mobile robot to solve a maze. Students learn programming skills based on Microsoft’s Visual Basic language while competing in a non-destructive challenge.

Program Features:

  • Robodyssey provides the robots, laptop computers with software and hardware.
  • Robodyssey provides trained instructors.
  • Robodyssey uses “real” university grade robots.
  • Students learn real world programming skills in Microsoft Visual Basic.

Student Activities:

Students will experience programming BasicX-24 microcontrollers and logic as it applies to the Basic Language and more specifically, to Microsoft Visual Basic, of which BasicX is a subset.

  • Students develop an understanding of the relationship between code and function
  • Students learn the basics of a compiler and its operation by programming robots
  • Students learn to control robot motion by using the empirical method
  • Students learn to manipulate variables common to most forms of programming.
  • Students experience a real world challenge in dead reckoning robotic navigation.
  • Students have fun while learning good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Non-Destructive Robot Competition for Summer Reading 2017:

Build a Shelter:     Locate and grasp blocks to place them on a designated ‘building lot’ using dead reckoning.

Some of the Programming Terms used:

Call                             If – Then                     Do – Loops                   Delay

End Sub                      PulseOut                     Dim                             While loops

For more information about this and other Robodyssey programs please contact us.