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Free Robots to Kids Innitiative

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Free Robots to Kids Innitiative

You can improve student STEM skills in your area by making a donation to Free Robots to Kids Innitiative(F.R.T.K.I.) Your tax deductable contributions go directly to students in your area to improve skills in computer science, science, technology, engineering and math (CS-STEM). By working with their own robots, students develop skills in applied logic that will help them to succeed in a science or technology field.

How it Works:

  • Make your donation to The Straube Foundation for the F.R.T.K.I. program
  • The Foundation purchases Robotics Packages

We also provide half day, full day and week long robotics introduction programs at librarys, after school programs and private organizations using Basic-X programing language and the Robodyssey Mouse.

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