EL Wire Hands-On Workshop

Electroluminescent Wire Displays Workshop

Hands-on construction workshop

Teaches children how to prepare, bend, solder and terminate electro-luminescent wire and design, bend and sew EL Wire displays to bags and garments.

Includes all of the necessary supplies and tools to conduct the workshop including,

  • EL Wire, in a variety of colors,
  • Heat-shrink tubing,
  • DC to AC inverters for illuminating displays,
  • Solder,
  • Soldering stations,
  • Smoke filtering fan hoods
  • Needles and thread
  • Everything need to complete the projects.

Participants keep their displays at the end of the program.

Things people have said about the “EL Wire Hands-On Workshop”

David, I didn’t like the program.  I LOVED IT!!  I wasn’t kidding when I said this was my dream program. …I witnessed young women being taught how to strip wire and solder.  And they loved it.  They were excited.  Do you have any idea of how amazing that is?  What an impact you have made on these young women?  … I am telling you David, this is GREAT stuff!” S.A., Librarian

The kids raved about the program and I love having you here. You are a very gifted teacher and I like the way you work with the kids.”  Donna Kurdock, Franklin Lakes Public Library (about the EL Wire Workshop)

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