Circuits on Paper Hands-On Workshop

Make simple or complex electrical circuits on a flat piece of paper!

  • Use copper tape and surface-mount LEDs
  • Make fully functional circuits on a piece of paper.
  • Make light-up greeting cards,
  • Make origami animals come to life
  • Create three-dimensional pop-up paper sculptures that have working lights in them.
  • With a little more effort, you can add switches, multiple LEDs in parallel and interactive displays
  • Add ATTiny85 MCU and program in Arduino for more complex behaviors
  • Now Available without Soldering! (Components stick to copper traces)
  • Combines art and technology using the constructivist theory of education
  • “Learners construct knowledge out of their experiences. This program promotes active learning, or learning by doing - participants create their own artistic expressions and then learn how to use technology to enhance them.”

Lots of images from our hands-on workshop at Maker Faire 2015 here:

Examples of others work: Pinterest

or  “Paper Circuits” on

An example of Arduino embedded controllers, software and an incredible amount of artistic talent:

Interactive Light Painting: Pu Gong Ying Tu by Jie Qi

The fusion of Art and Technology - (STEAM) - (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART and Mathematics)


Image from one of our interactive, Hands-On workshops