Build an Arduino Breadboard Robot

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Build an Arduino Breadboard Robot

The ‘Build an Arduino Breadboard Robot’ class is a fantastic way to get started in robotics. Participants build electronic circuits to create robots based on the popular ArduinoPro-Mini Controller. Each Participant builds their own robot from individual components, following detailed instruction sheets with one-on-one instruction as needed.  Assemble gearboxes, Mechanically attach to chassis and connect to motor controller.

About the Class

  • Hands-on, goal oriented basic electronics, computer programming and trouble-shooting.
  • For those interested in pursuing robotics and basic electronics .
  • Class lasts 4 weeks, 2 hours each week, for a total of 8 hours of instruction time.
  • Build and program your own robot (Kit is required for class).
  • Progress through a logical series of projects designed to build confidence and skills.
  • Use their own laptop or netbook computers to facilitate at-home learning.
  • Software: Arduino IDE is Free, online.
  • Programming and assembly assignments can be completed at home.
  • Laptops are available for use during class

Goals and Objectives

As a result of instruction, homework, hands-on instructor guided construction of an autonomous, mobile robotics platform, Participants will be able to:

  • Build basic electronic circuits using a solderless breadboard, wire strippers, pliers and components.
  • Construct a power supply to convert 9 volts to 5 volts.
  • Make a pin ‘flash’ – (digital output)
  • Measure analog inputs – (Voltage divider with variable resistors incl. light, heat, pressure)
  • Use a button to control output behaviors
  • Create code and build circuits that enable robots to make music.
  • Create code and build circuits to enable their Arduino controller to operate H-Bridge motor controller.
  • Construct a two-wheeled independent gear box from a kit.
  • Create code and build circuits that will enable robots to navigate by dead reckoning. (Dance)
  • Create code and connect sensors that will enable robots to follow a line. (Line Follower)
  • Develop a basic understanding of electronics and the integration of computer code.

About the Robot

Cost for supplies provides each student with everything needed to build and program the robot including:

  • Arduino Pro-Mini microcontroller w/USB programmer
  • All electronic components, sensors, connecting wire
  • L293D Dual-H Motor Driver
  • Motor and Gear box Assembly Kit & Chassis
  • 830 Point Breadboard breadboard and tools

Outline for 4 week Arduino Pro Mini ATmega328 Robotics Class

  1. Introduction to Arduino IDE, Pro Mini Controller
    1. Overview of class; check robot kits for components,
    2. Introduction to Arduino IDE,
    3. Write and upload first program to Pro Mini controllers,
    4. Introduction to using Breadboards,
    5. Build a power supply,
    6. Connect ProMini to Breadboard,
    7. Identify basic electronic components and their uses. (Homework)
  2. Connecting Components to Breadboards/Addressing I/O Pins
    1. Address one external LED and resistor to run ‘Blink’ program
    2. Apply ‘For’ loops to modify ‘Blink’ sketch,
    3. Address I/O pins in software,
    4. Populate Breadboard with Eight (8) LEDs, resistors and connecting wires. (Homework)
  3. Assemble Gearbox; Connect Motors to H-Bridge
    1. Complete and test resistor/LED networks
    2. Assemble Tamiya dual motor gearbox,
    3. Connect Gearbox/Tail Ball to Chassis,
    4. Add L293D Dual H-Bridge to Circuit,
    5. Wire I/Os to H-Bridge. (Homework)
  4. Digital Inputs/Analog to Digital (AtoD)
    1. Read a Button, (‘Button’ sketch),
    2. Read an Analog sensor, (converting light values to voltage),
    3. Displaying values in binary LED display
    4. Integrate sensors into code to control behavior
    5. Demonstration of code so that robot follows a line.

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